Cooperation Projects

Kenya-Korea Relations


Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) was established in 1991. The purpose of KOICA is to contribute to the advancement of international cooperation through various programs that build friendly and collaborative relationships and mutual exchange between Korea and developing countries and support the economic and social development in developing countries

KOICA Kenya Office

KOICA Kenya Office was established in 2008, and it is located in Westlands area, Nairobi. The office has 11 staff in total (6 Koreans and 5 Kenyans as of September 2021). KOICA Kenya Office is working hard to achieve sustainable and effective development of Kenya in diverse fields with various partners under the slogan of ‘Change Facilitator for Kenyans’.

KOICA Country Plan (CP)

KOICA Kenya Office established a Country Plan (CP) to contribute towards the achievement of the government of Kenya Vision 2030 and Big 4 Agenda. The CP is focusing on two major sectors “Water” and “Education”. The specific programs are:

(1) Safe Drinking Water & Capacity Building of Women Farmer for Strengthening Resilience to Climate Change

(2) Basic Education & Capacity Building Program to Foster Future Human Resources

What does KOICA Kenya Office do?


KOICA has worked with the National Government, County Governments, International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and UN Agencies to implement projects in different sectors. The sectors include water, hygiene, and sanitation (WASH), education (basic and technical and vocational education and training-TVET), health, gender and agriculture, and livelihoods. The UN agencies that KOICA has partnered with include; UNHCR Somalia, UNHCR Kenya, UN Women Kenya Country Office, UNICEF Kenya Country Office, UNOPS Kenya Multi Country Office, WFP Madagascar, UNESCO Madagascar, UNICEF Madagascar, and UNICEF Comoros.

The biggest investment has been in the WASH sector with projects being implemented in Bungoma, Nakuru, Turkana, Kitui, Siaya, Migori, and Tana River Counties. Currently, KOICA has partnered with UNICEF Kenya Country Office to implement a WASH project in Turkana County that will benefit over 200,000 residents of Turkana Central and Loima sub-counties with sand dams, boreholes, and sanitation facilities.

KOICA recognizes that food security is at the heart of the Kenyan government policy "Big 4 Agenda", additionally, the agriculture sector is the backbone of the economy. KOICA, UN Women and Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) have partnered to implement a climate-smart agriculture project in arid and semi-arid central areas. The goal of this project is to increase the capacity of selected ASAL counties on gender-responsive climate-smart agriculture and climate change adaptation responses and strengthen women's capacity to participate in climate-smart agriculture.

In education, KOICA has partnered with GIZ Kenya in a project to promote youth employment through modularized technical vocational education and training. KOICA is also partnering with the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) in Athi River Centre. Both projects are focusing on improving the employability and economic situation of young Kenyans through demand-driven basic skills and competency-based trainings and matching services in cooperation with the private sector.

KOICA is keen on contributing to Big 4 Agenda goal in universal health coverage. For universal health coverage to be achieved, there should be equitable health access and improved quality of health services. KOICA has partnered with the County Government of Kajiado to support a maternal-child health project in four sub counties for contributing to improved availability and readiness of maternal-child health, increase the accessibility of maternal-child health services to women in rural areas of the county, improve quality and management of maternal-child health services and increase the community demand for maternal child health services.

KOICA is also supporting the County Government of Kajiado in emergency response for the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the pandemic, KOICA is supporting the Kitengela Sub-County Hospital COVID-19 isolation ward. This will increase the access of services for treatment for COVID-19 among the people of the Kitengela area and also supply equipment to increase the treatment of COVID-19 in the area.

[Project] Strengthening community resilience to climate change through improved WASH services in Turkana County (2019-2022)
[Project] Capacity Development of the National Industrial Training Authority (2014-2021)
[Project] Capacity Development of the National Industrial Training Authority (2014-2021)

Fellowship Program (CIAT)

KOICA’s fellowship program (Capacity Improvement & Advancement for Tomorrow, CIAT) is human resources development (HRD) training program where Kenya’s civil officials, engineers, researchers, and policy makers are invited to be trained to lead economic and social growth of Kenya. The program also focuses on sharing Korea’s experience and technology.

Since 1991, KOICA has invited over 1,192 Kenyan public officials to Korea. The Government of Korea through KOICA, is committed to providing high quality training and education programs, which will in turn contribute to making a positive impact on Kenya's development agenda. KOICA hopes to give more opportunities to more public officials to participate in the fellowship programs in the coming years.

[Fellowship Program] IUU Fishing Management Training Program (2020-2022)

KOICA Alumni Kenya Chapter (KAKC)

KAKC was established in May, 2008 with a purpose of fellowship program post management.. The participants of Global Fellowship Program become the members of KAKC after they come back from training in Korea. By 2019, KAKC had a total number of 1,192 members. KAKC implements various activities every year that include; knowledge expansion seminars and social service activities in various parts of the country. In 2021, KAKC has carried out two activities in support girls in school and to response to Covid19.

[KAKC Activity] Donation of bed frames and sanitary items to Nalepo Taegong Secondary School in Kajiado County (2021)
(KAKC Activity) Provision of water supply facility to Sangla Primary School in Siaya County (2021)

Public Private Partnership Program KOICA Kenya Office’s public private partnership program focuses on cooperation with civil society organizations. The Civil Society Cooperation Program (CSC) aims to eradicate poverty and improve welfare of people in Kenya, based on cooperation with private organizations.

Additionally, KOICA Kenya Office implements Development Innovation Program which includes Creative Technology Solution Program (CTS) and Innovative Partnership Solution Program (IPS). CTS is a program that applies innovative ideas and newest technologies to development issues with a participation of prospective entrepreneurs, start-ups, and social venture innovators. IPS is a strategic partnership project with various international partners of KOICA to explore new areas, regions, and methods to internalize the results and expand and reproduce a new business model.

[CSC Program] Self-reliance support project for children and families with disabilities in Kisumu (2019-2021)
[CTS Program] Tablet-based child education expansion project for developing countries (2018-2021)