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Kenya-Korea Relations

The Republic of Korea has become one of the most popular country for international students studying abroad. With about 400 national and private universities, South Korea is attracting a lot of foreign students studying undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and those conducting research programs.

Why study in Korea?

There are a lot of factors that make studying in Korea your number one choice. These factors include and are not limited to:

▶ Technology

South Korea is the most innovative country with high internet connection making it a leading county in the digital economic industry.

▶ High quality education

South Korea is well recognized for its high-quality education system, and scores the highest scores among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries for academic attainment and competitiveness.

▶ Tuition fee

The tuition fee and cost of living is relatively low thus being reasonable and affordable to many students.

▶ Government support

Since 1969, the Korean government has been providing scholarships to international students from 150 countries.

▶ “Hallyu wave (Korea Wave)”

The Korea wave is a global phenomenon which has influenced more international students to be attracted to learn more about the Korean culture.

▶ High quality life

South Korea scores above average on a range of factors, such as affordable housing, civic engagement, infrastructure, employment, income, education and safety.

Education system in Korea

  • South Korean education system needs students to finish 12years of schooling: 6years in primary school, 3years in middle school and 3years in high school which is later followed by entry in tertiary education at colleges and universities.
  • A bachelor’s degree takes 4years while a master’s degree takes 2years to completion followed by a doctoral program.
  • Similarly, there are vocational schools and junior colleges that admit students with a lower threshold.
  • An academic calendar at the university has two semesters starting March- June during spring season and September – December for fall.

Tuition fee

Both the domestic and international students are charged the same tuition fee with private universities charging higher than public universities. However the tuition fee varies depending on the university and the program covered.

Scholarship in Korea

  • There are different scholarship offered to International students by the Korean government and private universities. Most of these scholarship are granted based on the applicant’s GPA level.
  • A majority of the universities enroll students twice per year, four months before the start of the semester.
  • For private universities detailed and specific information can be found at the specific university website. Below is a summary of the scholarship offered by the Korean government.

Global Korean Scholarship Program

Provide international students with opportunities to conduct advanced studies in undergraduate & graduate degree programs at higher educational institutions in the Republic of Korea.

▶ Korean Government Support Program for Foreign Exchange Students
Provide international exchange students at partnering universities in Korea with meaningful experiences by supporting flight, stipend, settlement allowance and medical insurance.

▶Support Program for Self-financed Students
Raise awareness of the benefits of studying in Korea and motivate financially self-supporting foreign students by subsidizing outstanding students.

▶GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) Invitation Program for Students from Partner Countries
Invite excellent foreign students who have potential to become leaders in their home countries to deepen their understanding of Korea, and provide motivation for future study pursuits in Korea through education and cultural experience programs.

▶GKS for ASEAN countries' Science and Engineering Students
To provide students and nurture leaders with in-depth academic training in science and engineering fields and invaluable experiences in Korea from the 10 ASEAN countries,

Study visa

A study visa is a prerequisite before departure to South Korea and may be obtained from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kenya.

  • The Embassy normally has scholarship programs that are given to qualified candidates each year.
  • The Under-graduate scholarships are available in September/October while the graduate scholarships are available in February/March.
  • Kindly check our website for the scholarship advert at the aforementioned time. (From the website, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of Kenya About the mission Notice GKS-U/GKS-G). All the guidelines are attached on that particular notice.
  • N/B: Kindly note that the Korean Embassy in Kenya only serves Kenyan and Somali nationals in regards to the scholarships.

Applying for the KGSP at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Kenya.